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  • What judges fear most is when their sovereign immunity is stripped away by aiding and abetting felony perjury! When it comes to risking that immunity, judges will do the right thing or “face the music”! This DVD set will teach you how to go after the law firm prosecuting the foreclosure … the gloves are coming off … the bank’s attorneys are in our sights! Why let the bank’s attorneys help the thieving servicers get away with aiding and abetting felonies when you can do something about it? The videos contain:
    • 8 DVDs, all labeled for easy viewing as to topic matter involving Cancellation & Expungement Actions!
    • 11 individual slide show presentations, hosted by Dave Krieger, Managing Member of DK Consultants LLC and California Quiet Title attorney Al West!
    • A working guide to self-education (contained in every video set!
    • Q & A with actual class attendees concerning the “how to’s” of the C & E!
    • Commentary on the securitization process by Attorney Al West!
    • Visual aids demonstrating how mortgage loan servicers and their law firms steal people’s homes using bogus documents!
    • Methodologies on when and how to utilize expert witness attorneys!
    ... plus $19.95 S&H charge ... we insure the kit to cover any damage whatsoever during shipping of the kit to your door!
  • This book contains the works of attorney Robert M. Janes, J.D., author of Fighting The Foreclosure Machine ... (1) SHELLGAME MERS, Contrived Confusion; (2) The MERS 2009 Rules of Membership (that he relied on when he wrote the MERS piece; and (3) his new 39-page white paper on defeating foreclosures in California. While the last section is more California-specific, the SHELLGAME MERS portion contains a blueprint you can't ignore, especially if you don't know who MERS is! 102 Pages of information packed power! SHELLGAME MERS is not in print any longer ... but you can get it here! Bob Janes goes into specific detail about Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. and  its parent, MERSCORP (in whatever form they exist in now), and how with the help of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Mortgage Bankers Association, the American Land Title Association and most of the major banks, set into motion one of the most dastardly plans to make money screwing both investors and homeowners! An inexpensive must read for beginners in the foreclosure world!
  • Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger takes you step by step through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, including sample pleadings used by attorneys who have litigated both individual consumer and class action FDCPA complaints, all in 256 pages, complete with case citations and reference tools to guide you through the litigation process in easy-to-read, 14-point print!
  • The Quiet Title War Manual

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    DO NOT FILE A QUIET TITLE ACTION UNTIL YOU’VE READ THIS BOOK! We can certainly appreciate the fact you want to "fight the good fight", but bad case law effects not only you; it affects everybody! Avoid setting bad case law! Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger and Quiet Title Superlawyer Al West have teamed up to bring you 512 pages of detailed information on:
    • In rem and quasi in rem litigation strategies!
    • Case studies of quiet title actions!
    • Statutory research with state-by-state details!
    • Actual detailed pleadings used in quiet title actions!
    • Discussions on “how to” argue your case in court!
    • Fighting removal of your case to federal court!
    A must for attorneys and all litigants! Put on the whole armor of the truth! Arm yourself with education!
  • Robert M. Janes is a retired attorney that acts as a consultant to attorneys on Uniform Commercial Code and foreclosure matters and is an author of the book "Fighting the Foreclosure Machine". Robert assisted and hosted live workshops with Dave Krieger across the nation and prides himself in educating home owners in all foreclosure matters.
    Topics discussed in U.C.C. with Robert M. Janes part 1:
    • What is The UCC
    • Who is the Real "Boss of the note"
    • Are you really in default?
    • Statue of limitations issues
    • Who has the burden of proof
    • Enforcement of the note
    • The lost note affidavit
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    The Credit Restoration Primer

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    Whether bad credit is the result of unpaid credit card balances, a home foreclosure or a bankruptcy filing, achieving full restoration of your credit history is not an easy task, but guess what?  It’s possible.  And it’s your right. Back in 1995, Dave Krieger published his first copies of a workbook called, “The Credit Restoration Primer”. Even though the workbook was not widely distributed, the copies that Krieger did sell to consumers was found to have helped virtually every one of them improve their credit scores! Now in its 5th Edition, in soft cover, The Credit Restoration Primer contains 25 chapters that answer questions like:
    • How did my credit file get created?
    • How do I go about restoring my credit?
    • What is the importance of a credit score?
    • How do I deal with collection agencies?
    • How do I file complaints with federal agencies?
    • What do I do if I find I’m a victim of identity theft?
    • Should I hire the services of a credit repair company?
    • What are my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act?
    • What are my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?
    • How do I deal with harassing bill collectors?
    Dave even provides you with samples of the very letters he used to shut off debt collectors, di