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The Rich Report

In this first issue Richard L. DiMaggio, J.D. discusses the following:
  • Exploring the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act!
  • Have you got bill collectors bugging you? We’ve got 7 tips to put YOU in control!
  • How opening bills from debt collectors can make YOU $$$!!!
  • Bank of America gets beat up in 10th Circuit RICO action!
...Plus other related items to educate you in your understanding of HOW to fight the bill collectors! To Become a Member and Read More Info CLICK HERE


When I set out to begin my quest to discover the goings-on behind the scenes of the 2008 financial disaster, I had no idea that my research was going to develop into a widely-circulated book or the design of a specific chain of title assessment protocol. I never understood why Americans lacked a real financial […]
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