Yes, You Can Learn Online About Preparing a Chain of Title Assessment

Not so long ago, anyone seeking legal advice had just one choice: to seek out an expensive attorney. Dave Krieger realized this first hand when he had to face foreclosure himself. This inspired him to write a book Clouded Titles and start touring the country teaching people about COTA preparation and exposing big mess named MERS. This worked fine for many, but many more were excluded because the only options were too expensive and too far away. For many homeowners, learning was simply out of reach.

But the internet has come a long way. With current technology we’re now able to offer the same material we teach in our workshops via online lessons that feature a combination of video demonstration, photos, diagrams and text, offered in a sequential, step-by-step format.

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Are Online Workshops For Me?

Online workshops at Clouded Titles are for anyone and everyone. If you own a house, the information discussed in the workshops most likely will concern you. We understand the challenges you’ve dealt with when facing these issues and we strive to keep you informed.


There is no expiration date or how many times you can access workshops you have purchased.
No; online workshops are designed to be viewed exclusively on David Krieger’s Clouded Titles website for copyright purposes.