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In this first issue Richard L. DiMaggio, J.D. discusses the following:

  • Exploring the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act!
  • Have you got bill collectors bugging you? We’ve got 7 tips to put YOU in control!
  • How opening bills from debt collectors can make YOU $$$!!!
  • Bank of America gets beat up in 10th Circuit RICO action!

…Plus other related items to educate you in your understanding of HOW to fight the bill collectors!


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Richard L. DiMaggio, J.D. is a retired attorney who litigated FDCPA cases in the federal courts, literally helping consumers by “suing their way out of debt”!  Now’s your chance to get educated into the various issues of the day by Mr. DiMaggio, who has lectured across the country on numerous legal issues, all condensed into a volume of easy-to-understand, layman-termed commentaries on RESPA, TILA, FDCPA, FCRA and other consumer-related concerns!  You can purchase individual reports for $29.95 per month or if you really want to stay informed while saving money, you can subscribe to a full year of monthly reports , for an annual subscription rate of only $99.00!  (that’s only $8.25 per issue) 

Comments from Rich’s Lectures:

  • Enormously effective, clear and “real” speaker. Would love to hear him again.
  • Liked the topic and speaker – very informative.
  • I liked his global approach the program was much more than his home state.
  • Enthusiastic speaker.
  • This lecturer was one of the best, by far. Really enjoyed it. Enough to touch on lots of areas to get ideas on how to help my existing clients in ways not previously considered.
  • Other than somewhat of a halting style of speech, he was really good and very informative.
  • Lots of good advice
  • This also includes information about RESPA, another consumer protection statute which is helpful.
  • Good coverage of a complicated subject
  • This was an excellent seminar and I will be seeking to have it approved in Arizona and Virginia. Thank you.
  • Excellent update! Good speaker!
  • Appreciated Mr. DiMaggio’s entertaining, yet substantive, presentation in a refreshing “plain-speak” style. Both educational entertaining, and substantially broadened my general knowledge base. Thank you!
  • If debt collection is of interest, this program will be informative
  • Of all the great lawline course speakers so far, Mr. DiMaggio is the most interesting, entertaining and informative.

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