Online Chain Of Title Assessment Workshop – Session 1 & 2

Session One: Overview of the COTA
An in-depth look at what constitutes a Chain Of Title Assessment (COTA) as to proper usage in case development; uses for actions such as declaratory relief, quiet title and other real property matters.

Session Two: Definitions & Terminology
A closer look at specific matters within the realm of real property law and what the legal theories and the terms used within them really mean from an educational standpoint.

Online Chain Of Title Assessment Workshop – Session 3 & 4

Session Three: Deeds & Conveyances
Specific discussion of what constitutes a deed (as a conveyance of title); the various kinds of deeds; assignments of mortgage and deed of trust and their interrelation to the security instruments.

Session Four: Security Instruments
An in-depth look at the security instruments (mortgage, deed of trust, HELOC, etc.) and their influence within the chain of title and their interrelation to the rest of the conveyances within that chain of title.

Online Chain Of Title Assessment Workshop – Session 5 & 6

Session Five: Notary Issues & Research Tools
Deep dive into the world of notary fraud and explore the possibilities of case development surrounding systemwide abuse; discussion into various research sites and sources in obtaining proper information and why such resources are necessary for COTA development.

Session Six: Case Studies on Specific Document Issues
Observation of at least a half-dozen cases; the interrelationship of the documents contained within each chain of title; flaws in the system of things and how it affects the COTA; specific detail into robosigning and document manufacturing.

Online Chain Of Title Assessment Workshop – Session 7 & 8

Session Seven: The MERS Problem
What is MERS? How did it start? How did it evolve into what it is today? What MERS has done to millions of chains of title and why it is important to recognize the fallacies contained within the advances in technology. Is MERS liable for your screwed up chain of title?

Session Eight: Identifying Breaks in the Chain of Title & Quiet Title Actions
Use of the COTA to point out and educate counsel as to problems created through the use of specific documents within the chain of title and how these documents impair vendibility and marketability of title and the resulting considerations for doing quiet title actions.