What judges fear most is when their sovereign immunity is stripped away by aiding and abetting felony perjury! When it comes to risking that immunity, judges will do the right thing or “face the music”! This DVD set will teach you how to go after the law firm prosecuting the foreclosure … the gloves are coming off … the bank’s attorneys are in our sights! Why let the bank’s attorneys help the thieving servicers get away with aiding and abetting felonies when you can do something about it? The videos contain:
  • 8 DVDs, all labeled for easy viewing as to topic matter involving Cancellation & Expungement Actions!
  • 11 individual slide show presentations, hosted by Dave Krieger, Managing Member of DK Consultants LLC and California Quiet Title attorney Al West!
  • A working guide to self-education (contained in every video set!
  • Q & A with actual class attendees concerning the “how to’s” of the C & E!
  • Commentary on the securitization process by Attorney Al West!
  • Visual aids demonstrating how mortgage loan servicers and their law firms steal people’s homes using bogus documents!
  • Methodologies on when and how to utilize expert witness attorneys!
... plus $19.95 S&H charge ... we insure the kit to cover any damage whatsoever during shipping of the kit to your door!