(GEORGETOWN, TEXAS; January 29, 2013) — Williamson County Clerk Nancy Rister held a press conference following the presentation of the results of the audit of the official property records she commissioned last October.  Joining her was Austin attorney David Rogers, an attorney who specializes in foreclosure-related matters and Dave Krieger, paralegal and author of the book Clouded Titles, whose firm, DK Consultants LLC conducted the audit of the Williamson County land records.


Out of all the documents reviewed, 1,576 files were pulled and examined, along with all of the files of the personal residences of every elected county official that had MERS in their chain of title.  Every file reviewed had some issue involved with suspect robosigning, suspect surrogate signing, suspect notary fraud, suspect forgery, instances where lenders assigned the notes to themselves wearing the “MERS hat” and instances where servicers and third-party document manufacturing mills and processing centers self-appointed trustees or acted outside of the specific authority granted to them by power of attorney.